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Therapy Thursday: Suck it up, sister

I’m horrible at keeping up with blogging in general lately, but certainly keeping to my usual posts. Therapy Thursday has been lacking, but tonight, its with myself in mind. I’m on week #2 of 4 of 6 day a week travel. I leave my temporary apartment in Birmingham on Sunday morning, and return Friday night. … Continue reading

Therapy Thursday: Finding a way to give back

As I’ve mentioned before, my job is a bit crazy. I travel a lot, I often work very late and weekends are not out of bounds. Not having a normal schedule has always kept me from volunteering as often as I’d like. I can’t easily make a commitment to do something regularly because I could … Continue reading

Therapy Thursday: Taking Care of You

For the last 2 years, I’ve worn a bit of a badge of honor for not using all of my vacation days and for sleeping less than 6 hours on average a night due to being up late working. It took a toll on everything: my health, my weight, my fitness, my relationships, and most … Continue reading

Therapy Thursday: Finding your Happy

No matter how much you love your life, your family & friends, your work, yourself, there will come a time where everything just feels like its wrong. This feeling can last for a day or two, or years, and it can be serious, and you may need professional help to get through it. I am … Continue reading