Healthy Recipes

As a kid, I grew up around people who loved to cook. My Dad went to cooking school while my mom was in college and worked in kitchens during the summer (he was a teacher) for years when I was a kid. I remember helping him and just watching him do cool stuff like make birds out of apples, or recreate that neon pink sweet and sour sauce from Chinese restaurants in complete awe.

There was a corner in the kitchen at my Grandparents house that we called Nana’s Happy Corner. It was where she baked and cooked for hours on end. I loved it, because there was a heating vent near that corner and I’d curl up next to it when I was at their house when I was home sick from school (yes, I was like a cat). Cooking wasn’t just a way to feed the family, it was a source of love and life. To me, cooking will always be that way, only I try to make things a bit healthier than Nana did in her years.

I’m still working on cleaning this up so it’s organized, but at least it’s easier to navigate!

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