Traveling while Training: Staying Motivated

When you’re on the road a lot, it can go one of two ways: you get excited about switching up your views and love getting your workouts in, or you’re just exhausted and want some down time. For me, it’s not 100% one or the other.

My usual view: Kindle, work iPad to catch up on emails, and in my bag a giant bottle of water.

There are a few places I travel repeatedly for work that based on the hotel locations, running outside is just not an option. Those days mean treadmill runs, which are often a source of dread for me. In order to stay motivated in those instances, it’s usually just reminding myself that I’ll feel so much better after I get it done – especially because most of those trips mean I’m about to sit for 8 hours in a conference room – and that not doing it will not get me closer to my goals. Sometimes I’ll bribe myself with fancy coffee on the way to the office, or just allow myself to watch TV while I’m running instead of watching the fake trails. At the core, running when traveling is just like running at home, you have to be motivated to keep going, regardless of how you feel that day.

Papago Park in Phoenix

Those times when I get to travel somewhere that is new, or has plenty left to explore, I crave getting to run. Sometimes, I’m annoyed that I don’t get to run everyday (although my legs are happier for it). To me, there’s no better way to explore a new place is by foot. It helps me get my bearings straight, because I like to know where I am. Getting the opportunity to see new things, explore new cities, find new places to love. Some days, it’s easier to just sleep, but most of the time, the idea of seeing something new is enough to get me out the door. I usually check out routes on Garmin to see where the good paths are, or if there are areas that might be safer based on how many routes exist there. If I’m staying at a Westin, I’ll stop by the front desk to grab the route cards and use those.

When I’m traveling for fun, I always look forward to a long run in a new place. I’m always excited to add new states or cities or countries to my “places I’ve run” list. That, in and of itself, motivates me, even when the beach or never ending mimosas are calling my name.

What keeps you motivated to run when you travel?

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