What I’m Loving: March 2019

Sticking to the travel theme, this month is all about travel-related stuff. When you travel almost weekly, having things that make life feel as normal and comfortable as possible.

That Curfew love.

I’m always cold, but being on a plane for several hours while cold is the worst, so I’ve come to invest in lots of layering options, and I always bring a scarf. So when Oiselle released their Arrival Jacket, I knew I needed it. The tall collar, the full zip, and because it’s not lined, you won’t have to worry about getting too hot. I ordered it a size up from my normal top size so that I could layer it. Last week I layered it over a cashmere sweater, and it was perfect. The Curfew Blue is also simply gorgeous. Cannot love this jacket any more!

The Glacier White is so pretty, although I’m afraid to get it dirty every single run.

I’ve talked about my love of On Running shoes before. I have several pairs, in different models, for different uses. So when they released their new model, the Cloudswift, I headed over to Fleet Feet Green Hills tested them, and after one run, I knew I was in love with them. They’re much softer than the Cloudflyer or Clouds that I’m used to running, but they aren’t too soft. The new foam, Helion, gives energy back and is as great on the hotel treadmill as they are chasing pavement in whatever city I might be in. I may have just ordered a second pair. Probably.

My favorite flavor!

I haven’t been able to eat dairy since my mid-20s (woah, it’s been over 10 years!) so when I travel for work, eating can be a challenge. I always feel bad for assistants and meeting planners who have to find options for me for lunch and dinner most of the time, so I always tell them not to worry about breakfast. Instead, I bring my own options: Picky Oats. The single serving packs make it easy to throw in my carry-on, and take into the office or meeting room, and they always have hot water, so as long as I can get a spoon (which I usually try to grab at the hotel if I can, just in case) I’m set. I also usually throw in some Picky Bars to have as snack options, and I cannot tell you how many times I’ve had to share with colleagues who are not as brilliant in planning their travel as I am.

Over the last few years I’ve switched skincare and make-up to be toxin free. So when Drunk Elephant started to make The Littles, I was SO excited. It meant I could have my normal morning and evening solutions with me when I am on the road. The Protini Polypeptide is my go-to evening cream to add moisture back in because hotel and plane air is the worst.

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