What I’m Loving this Month – February 2019

Why is it that February is always the longest month of the year, when it’s always the shortest month of the year? No matter where I’ve lived, the weather is always miserable, and it’s the start of a long period of time when there’s no long weekend in sight (my company does not have President’s Day off). But just because I’m not sad to see February go, doesn’t mean I’m not excited to share a few things I’ve loved this month. As always, they might not be new, but they’re things that stuck out to me this month, and I receive nothing for talking about them. I just love them and want to share!

Podcasts – On my long runs lately, I’ve been listening to podcasts for about 3/4 of them and then finish up listening to music. While I’m a huge fan of True Crime podcasts, lately, I’ve been listening to Business Wars from Wondery, and specifically the series on Nike vs Adidas. For any sports fan or sneakerhead, this is such a perfect way to pass time, and learn some really interesting facts (like did you know that Michael Jordan really wanted to sign with Adidas before he eventually signed with Nike?).

Running Roads in the Dark – I’ve loved having even a few more minutes of daylight lately, but most of my runs are still done in the dark. Either mornings or evenings, having the right gear to keep me safe is part of how I am okay with it, and to be honest, when I’m the only one out, and I can run in the road, before the world is awake, I love it. One investment I’ve made recently is a headlamp, which has been SO helpful in lighting my way down dark streets, and making sure I’m visible. I have the Petzl Actik, which has 300 lumens of light, including red light if you’re running in a group and don’t want to blind anyone!

Waterproof Booties for Monsoon Season – So far this month, Nashville has had 13.5 inches of rain. That’s more than 1/2 inch of rain a day! I bought these Blondo Norma booties back in January, when I thought it was raining a lot (ha, what did I know), and they have been SO AMAZING. They’re comfortable, cute, and can be dressed up or down. The lining is warm, so they’ll be put away shortly when it begins to heat up, but the classic styling means I’ll be wearing them for years to come.

If you’re in Nashville or Houston, stop by Lemon Laine to pick some up!

Soft Lips Despite the Wind and Rain – My lips hate winter. They get scaly and dry so easily. I’ve looked for years for a lip scrub that is safe, works, and tastes lovely, too. I finally found one after stopping into Lemon Laine to pick up some gifts before the holidays. Henne’s Rose Diamonds Lip Exfoliator is the most incredible lip scrub I’ve ever used. It’s light and sugar based (so it’s tasty if you get some in your mouth), and best of all, not filled with chemicals.

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