What I’m Loving This Month: June 2016 – Celebrating Progress

Three months ago tonight, I found myself hobbling to a cab in a ball gown and pair of Yves Saint Laurent platform pumps uttering the words: I think I broke my foot. A few hours later, it was confirmed, I was in increasing amounts of pain, and figured I’d be off my foot for a few weeks, because I hadn’t seen x-rays. It hasn’t gone how I expected, and my doctor is convinced I’m doing this so that I can keep seeing him every month. Okay, not exactly, but it’s been declared as delayed union which means the three pieces that my 5th metatarsal had snapped into (displaced and comminuted, which means not close together and splintered) aren’t bridging together how they should. 

If you follow me on social media, you know this has not been an easy process. I’ve had some really low days, and have learned that hopping a flight 48 hours after a fracture is not ideal, even if it isn’t strictly forbidden. It’s also been an incredible period of growth and learning for me. When it’s hard to do much of anything, you have a lot of time to think and work on yourself.  

 Over the last several weeks I’ve been using my new goals journal, the Best Self Journal, and I’m in love with it. 

The journal helps you ensure you use your time each day with intent. It gives you a way to set long term goals, while monitoring daily actions to help you reach them. You focus on being grateful, and each day’s wins and opportunities. And each week you focus on what made you happy, so you can do more of that each following week. 
I set a few long term goals, with a big one being related to losing the weight I’ve put on. Using the journal has made me realize, and writing it out, what drives any challenges I’ve had, but focuses on smaller goals. Perfection isn’t the goal, progress is, so focusing on that is so helpful. Since starting my journal 4 weeks ago, I’ve lost 5 pounds! I’ve lost them while enjoying treats, meals out, and the occasional glass of wine (including family reunion weekend where I had more wine than food). 
I still track my food in MyFitnessPal, but this allows me to make it about more than that, and gives me motivation each day with fun quotes. 

What goals could you use some help reaching?

How do you currently track your goal progress? 

What’s your favorite motivational quote right now?

One thought on “What I’m Loving This Month: June 2016 – Celebrating Progress

  1. Just started using the Best Self Journal this week — with my big goal being jumping into the blogging world. Tonight, one of my daily progress tasks is to search out some blogs that resonate. Happy for your 5 pounds!

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