What I’m Loving this Month – February 2016

It’s been a strange month! A few weeks ago, the wind chill temps were below zero, this weekend the highs were low 60s. Chicago, make up your mind! 
Since Disney Marathon weekend, I’ve been enjoying running on my terms, when, where, and as long as I want. I’ve been enjoying my training sessions, and loving my Precision Runningclasses at Equinox. With changing up my workouts, I’ve been enjoying some different gear. My new favorite pants for my training sessions are Lucy’s Endurance Tights. They’re perfect for no matter what Lauren throws at me (literally, medicine balls are always flying) and are cute enough to walk home and run errands in, too. 

In love with these AND they’re on sale right now

Coconut oil. This is not so much new, but I’ve started adding it to my coffee in the morning, and am obsessed. It adds a slight sweet flavor, and adds a little extra fat to keep me satiated longer each morning. Combined with my Nespresso, I’m  the happiest girl in the world. 


The ViPR. This bad boy is what my trainer uses to both torture me, and make me feel like a ninja. It’s one of the most versatile pieces of gym equipment I’ve ever used, and it’s different weights and sizes make it accessible for anyone. 


Image credit: ViPRFit.com
Over the holidays I stopped by LL Bean to step up my winter coat game. While Chicago has had a mild winter this year, I didn’t want to be caught with cold legs walking to work for another winter. So, I picked Ultralight 850 Down Coat. It’s outrageously light, and equally warm. It’s naturally waterproof, and keeps the crazy Chicago winds from chilling you to the bone. With a few below zero days this month, I’ve been extra happy to have it! 


Image Credit: LLBean.com
When I’m not at work or at the gym, I’m catching up on my favorite shows. Lately, I’m obsessed with FX Network’s American Crime Story: The People vs. OJ Simpson. I distinctly remember the case unfolding when I was in high school, but seeing it all again, with some familiar faces, makes it even better. 


Image credit: FXNetworks.com
What are you loving this month?

Disclaimer: I have not been compensated in any way by any company mentioned in this post. All opinions are my own, and all judgements about my opinions can be directed to me at RunStretchGo@gmail.com.  

2 thoughts on “What I’m Loving this Month – February 2016

  1. We just discovered The FX show, The Americans. It’s awesome! And also rekindles my obsession with Kerri Russell from the Felicity days. I’m on the hunt for a more casual, parka-style coat for the winters here. I just realized that all of my coats are wool dress coats and they look rather silly with my workout gear! 😉

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