Wouldn’t it be Nice?

As I watched the marathon trials on Saturday, in addition to being in awe at the way those athletes move, there was longing. Wishing for their strong strides. Their high knees. Their seemingly effortless glide over 26.2 miles. 
Galen Rupp ran his first marathon, in the hottest Olympic marathon trials ever. And won. Actually, he crushed the rest of the field. Meb ran a strategic, smart race like he always does. Because of that, he looked fresh and excited when he crossed the finish, as if he hadn’t just made his 4th Olympic team at age 40. 
Amy Cragg and Shalane Flanagan owned the women’s race, looking like they were running an entirely different race than everyone else. Their strong legs, cores and arms carrying them as they flew across those miles. Des Linden never veered from what I imagine was her race strategy, running her own race, even when others tried to push the pace. Her focus and perseverance pushed her into the number two spot. 
As I watched the Trials, I kept thinking how awesome it would be to have those bodies, to run those paces, to feel that rush. I very quickly snapped myself out of it, and reminded myself that for most of these men and women, this is their job. Logging thousands of miles, hours in the gym, eating for fuel rather than enjoyment, those are their equivalent to 8 hour meetings and weekends spent creating PowerPoint decks. They pump themselves up for race day in the way many people pump themselves up for a big presentation. Their performance reviews are televised. Every bad day, every ache or pain, every missed appearance is scrutinized. 
When watching these incredible athletes, is easy to wish you could be them. It’s easy to think those paces come easy, because they make it look easy. Instead of wishing to be them, steal a page from their play books and push a little bit harder, eat a little bit healthier, run just a little longer, then go back to your life and enjoy what you have. 

Because there’s always someone looking at you wishing they could be a little more like you. 

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