Make or Break: Let’s talk about Habits

I had a revelation mid-week: I’m a happier person if I work out and get my 12k steps in each day.

When I say revelation, I mean reminder. I know this. I’ve been through this, and yet somehow, time after time, I forget it. I get into a routine, and something always finds a way to break it. 
So I started thinking… It’s all about habits. Habits. The things that are so ingrained in our lives, we don’t even have to think about doing them, we just do them. From the simple: alarm goes off, get out of bed (ok, maybe it’s not that simple every day). To the complex: you lay out your race kit, you meticulously pin on your race bib, you go to bed, you get up, make your oatmeal mixed with PB2 and topped with banana and honey, you drink your one cup of coffee, you get dressed, you make your way to gear check, you do the same warm up you do before every race, you put in your headphones, you get in the zone, then you just go, until you cross the finish line. 
Why are some habits so easy to make and others so hard to break? Why is there always a reason to keep going with what you’ve always done? 


Image Credit: Chevon Connects Me
Ok, so it’s not exactly physics, but the concept is the same. Change is hard, especially  when it fights years of wiring your brain to act or react in one way, and suddenly you try to rewire it. It’s just not that easy. A few weeks ago in a meeting at work, we watched this video, and it made so much sense to me. 

Video Credit: Smarter Everyday

But here’s the thing: all this proves is that change is hard, and reverting back to your norm is always an easier path. So how are you supposed to change your habits? 
According to New York Times Bestseller Gretchen Rubin, you have to start with understanding yourself. We are all different, and therefor how we approach change must fit who we are. A few months ago, I began (albeit very slowly) to better understand my base to help me understand how to change my habits by reading Gretchen’ book Better Than Before
Over the course of the next month, I’m going to finish this book, and embark on trying her method to make new habits, or break bad habits. Let’s do this! 


2 thoughts on “Make or Break: Let’s talk about Habits

  1. hopefulinbaltimore

    As soon as I started reading this post I thought, she needs to read Gretchen Rubin! She also has a fun podcast with her sister called Happier. Anyway, I’m reading Better than Before too– what’s your tendency? Really interesting stuff!

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