Sugar, and spice, and everything nice

That’s what little girls are made of, right? I’m 35, clearly not a little girl, but have often found myself eating sweets like one. Because, I was addicted to sugar. 


Cake, frosting, and jimmies. Three major food groups.
With tons of research studies recently showing just how bad added sugar is for us, I decided I needed to reduce my consumption. Of course, first I had to binge on a solid diet of bready carbs, booze and candy at Disney. It’s what everyone does, right?! 


Tigger is almost as good as candy
So, after I came back from Florida, I embarked on my quest to reduce my sugar, both real and the fake stuff, consumption as part of my recommitment to my health. I started with one of my favorite ways to quickly get back to healthy eats and break cravings: The BeachBody 3 Day Refresh. A plant based, moderate calorie detox that will help to kick start healthy eating by quickly changing your body’s cravings. This time around, since I started on a Tuesday, I added a 4th day using Shakeology instead of the high protein Vanilla Fresh shakes. This is not a BeachBody supported approach, it was my own choice, and was done partly because I had a very busy week and the shakes made eating healthy easier. 

The hardest part for me was reducing the amount of sweetener I put in my free in the morning. My coffee has always been kind of like a great. Caffeine and sweetness equaled perfection. For those first few days, I almost rejected coffee altogether, because it was just not as good. Then, one day, it changed. I realized it was just changing my tastes, and while I don’t anticipate going black or completely sweet er free any time soon, I’ve made huge progress. 

Last week work was uber stressful, and I never caved to the candy jar at work (even when my assistant filled with Starburst, which called like a Siren). Over the weekend, I accidentally added my old amount of sweetener to my coffee one morning and choked down enough to add more coffee. I could not believe I couldn’t handle that level of sweet anymore. So, I guess I’d been ruining my coffee for years!

I will never be someone who never eats sweets, nor do I want to be. There’s something fabulous about a delicious cookie, a perfectly frosted cupcake, or a handful of gummy bears. But having the ability to say one is enough, is something I’d like to be my new norm. 

Are you a sweets eater? Do you have a sugar source of choice?

Have you ever done a detox? How did it go?

How do you take your coffee?

3 thoughts on “Sugar, and spice, and everything nice

  1. I do enjoy my chocolate, but I’m more mindful with my sweets now. I do try to go for quality over quantity.
    I like my coffee with milk no sugar.
    I have done a detox before. I’ve done whole30 and 21dsd, I learned a lot on both. 21dsd is a stricter version of whole30 where you are limited to only 1 piece of fruit a day, a green apple or green tipped banana. It was that program that made me realise how addicted to sugar I was. Was a serious eye opener.

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