Headspace & Focus

After an absolutely incredible weekend at Disney World Marathon Weekend with Danielle, Pam, MeganJustin and Devin, when I got back home and back to work, I realized I was a bit overwhelmed. I needed to make me a priority in order to focus on the things that really matter: getting healthy & back to into my favorite jeans, doing things that make me uncomfortable and/or happy, and killing it at work. 

I’ve jumped back on the healthy train with fervor. I’ve been extra focused at my training sessions, using my stress to push just a little harder. I’m giving myself a break from a running schedule, and instead running when I feel like it. It’s nice to have that luxury after training for all of 2015 for different races. 

I’m working on doing new things, like taking my first Precision Running class at the gym. I loved it. It’s going in my regular rotation and am excited that it will easily be my speed work each week, with both true speed and hill work. I’m still loving training with Lauren, she pushes me to do new things almost every session, some which I hate (hello, mountain climbers on the slide board), and some which I love (throwing medicine balls). I’m feeling stronger, and love when I ask for more weight, or notice a big difference in how hard something feels. 

Cooking makes me happy and is an almost zen experience for me, so I’m back to regular meal planning and meal prep (including making extra to freeze for future meals), with a focus on lean protein, tons of vegetables, healthy fats (hello avocado!) and fresh fruit. In addition to being comforting for me, it means I’ve got tons of healthy meals ready to go every Sunday night for the week. On the menu this week: warm spiced tomato & Farro soup, cauliflower fried “rice” or “risotto” (I made a HUGE batch of cauliflower rice and dried it out so I can use it for different things this week), and umami turkey & mushroom stuffed squash. 

Fridge full of prepped meals

As I headed into the long weekend, I decided I needed some time to just be, so I declared it social media free. After getting past the “hmmm I wonder what’s going on” thing, it has been just what I needed. It helped me refocus on being present in my everyday, and realize that not everything needs to be shared. Imagine, I made a ton of delicious food, hit the gym several times, and witnessed some gorgeous sunrises, and they all happened without being posted!

So, while I’m working on posting more often on here, I’m also probably going to pull back my posting a bit everywhere else. Instead, I’ll focus on feeling, being and remembering those things on my own. 

How did you spend your long weekend? 

What’s your go-to class at the gym?

What did you meal prep this weekend?

2 thoughts on “Headspace & Focus

  1. I love social media free weekends! Sad, but true! I told Adam that I needed help with unplugging on the weekends since I’ve been spending so much time in front of the computer during the weekdays at home. Ever since you started the accountability group, I’ve been doing better with healthy living. I’ve noticed my post-holiday stomach bloat has started to recede (thank god!) and I’ve been eating much better. It’s amazing how something so simple has helped me make some good decisions. Thank you!! 🙂 xo

    1. I need to do them more often! And I love doing the accountability groups. It’s amazing how something as simple as a group of people who are being honest and want you to help them be accountable too can help. It’s been a HUGE help with me for the last week. I haven’t veered off plan yet 🙂

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