Back to Basics: Accountability, Mantras, and a Bucket List

In 2015, I decided that blogging needed to take a back seat so that I could focus on work and marathon training. Ironically, as I looked back on my year, my own growth and staying on track with my goals went along with my blogging. So when I stopped blogging, it was easier to veer away from my goals. 

So, even though it will mean using up some of my downtime to focus on blogging, I’m committed to getting back to it. At least one post a week to keep myself on track, and if I have things I want to write about, or feel the need, I can post more often. My plan is that this will help me stay accountable. It doesn’t mean my posts will be my training log, although I will talk about my overall training and focus on eating healthy, but it does mean that I’ll share some of my challenges, victories, random things on my mind, recipes, and of course, the occasional HELP ME post when I’m feeling lost. 

In addition to getting back to blogging, my goals for 2016 are focused around a few key mantras, with more specific goals and action plans underneath them to give me a guide. I read this great article this weekend from Apartment Therapy about making a yearly Mantra rather than resolutions. I loved the idea, and decided to take the goals I’d started to create for myself for 2016 and organize them under a few key mantras. Then I wrote those mantras on notecards and put them up on my front door so that I see them every day when I leave.  

Some of my goals for this year are things that aren’t necessarily big, or even long term, but just things I want to do: My 2016 Bucket List. These are the fun, possibly out of my comfort zone, sometimes just things I love that I need to do more often, things to accomplish this year. Here are a few off my list:

– Make at least 2 new recipes a month

– Host game nights with friends

– Go to a weekday afternoon Cubs game

– Travel somewhere I’ve never been 

– Read 30 books

– Take a roadtrip

I started the year outside of my comfort zone: at a big outdoor party and then inviting new and old friends back to celebrate well into 2016. While I may have regretted the amount of champagne I drank NYE for most of January 1st, I started my year putting myself out there and having fun. I hope this approach to life (not necessarily the hangover, though) continues throughout the year.  

Did you make 2016 goals? Share one!

What’s something new you want to do this year?

How did you ring in the New Year?

9 thoughts on “Back to Basics: Accountability, Mantras, and a Bucket List

  1. Christine @ Two Runners Travel

    Yay glad you’re back! 🙂 I love your mantras and goals. Honestly I am still figuring mine out. Maybe by the end of January I’ll nail them down!

  2. I agree, my blog really does help me stay accountable, plus I find it generally relaxing to write. The only time I feel like blogging is a “chore” is when I have to write product reviews (that being said I’ve gotten to try out some AWESOME products through blogging so I can’t complain!).

    Can’t wait to see you this weekend!

  3. I love the idea of mantras! I’ve never been big on resolutions — never was realistic for me. What I usually aim for every year is to do/try something new. And to travel. 🙂 Hope you get to travel somewhere exciting this year. Happy 2016!

  4. It is no surprise that you are a reader. It would be fun to share book titles with the table 7 group! I have a rather simple personal goal for 2016 and that is to improve my upper body strength. I actually have a trainer who is going to help me with this, since I do not have the self discipline to do it on my own.

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