Learning to Make Yourself Proud & My #RnRDC Goals

As a BeachBody coach, I’m constantly amazed and excited by my challengers (most of whom are some of my closest friends, as well). They make breakthroughs and progress daily and weekly, prompting me to tell me how proud I am of them. Many of them are probably reading this right now because it’s on their weekend challenge reading list, so ladies, I’m beyond proud of each and every one of you! 

For those of you with children, or who teach children, probably know this too well, but it’s so much easier to proud of someone else than to be proud of yourself for something, right? But why? Just like it’s important to take time for you, mentally and physically, it’s just as important to recognize the good things you do. Mentally, it’s so important to treat yourself with the same respect you would another person. 

Most of us are probably too focused on beating our lives up for being late to something, missing a workout, eating a donut, not being able to everything, or just about anything else we can give ourselves crap about, we do. We feel guilty. We lament. We pout. We get annoyed, or angry. But rarely do we praise ourselves. 

This weekend set a goal, a goal just big enough to be doable but challenge you at the same time, and make a plan to make it happen. Then when it does, take a few minutes to reflect on it. Find time and a way to be proud of yourself. Do a happy dance, write yourself a congratulations note, whatever it takes to remind yourself that you did something awesome, do it! 

My Rock n Roll DC Goals

My goals this weekend are focused on my race. I’ve been training since just after Christmas, and up until last week, did something impressive for me: I didn’t miss a run. They didn’t all go as planned, they got moved around, some felt terrible, some felt like I could do anything, but they got done. This made me proud. Last week is different story. 

I had signed up for this race with the intention of making it my spring goal race. I haven’t PR’d the half since November of 2013, despite running 3 of them last year. Things just didn’t align last year, and I really wanted this to be a big PR race. Over the last week, I decided I was putting far too much pressure on a race that is NOT my goal race this year. As I mentioned on Tueaday, I’m running the Chicago Marathon for Girls on the Run Chicago, which IS my goal race for the year. By placing too much focus on getting a half PR, I’m pulling away from my big picture goal (which my coach has on the front of my training log to remind me every day), and I don’t want to my focus to turn from that 

So my goals have adjusted slightly: 

1) Negative Splits. This has always been an issue for me. I get so caught up in the adrenaline rush of the start of a race, I go out too fast, and find myself regretting it by about mile 7. My coach has been pushing me on this for the last 6 weeks, and I’ve been nailing it. The key now: nail it in the race. 

2) Stay positive. The forecast is looking like nearly 100% chance of rain for Saturday morning. I am a fair weather runner. Or person. My mood is very strongly correlated with sunshine.  I know marathon training and marathon race day could bring anything. I need to learn to find the positive and stay there for the whole race. 

3) Finish within 2 minutes of my PR. My long run times have been on point to PR, but I don’t want to have that be my focus. I know my fitness level and strength can keep me close to my current PR, and would like to aim for that. Anything better than that is s bonus. 

4) Enjoy the weekend. I get to see so many friends this weekend, I want to have FUN! While I know my nutrition limitations so thwt I don’t feel like complete crap, I’m not focused on limiting myself to my usual calorie and macro goals. One weekend will not make or break the progress I’ve made in the last 6 months. 

What will your weekend goal be?

What’s your favorite thing about weekends with friends?

Who else is running #RnRDC this weekend? 

7 thoughts on “Learning to Make Yourself Proud & My #RnRDC Goals

  1. I needed this post, it’s so true. Good luck in your race, I know you will be good, despite the rain (total weather wimp here). I’m cheering for you, and so proud of you! Enjoy the race, and enjoy the moment and be present in it!! Go get it!!!! 🙂

  2. what a great post! I am proud of you my friend! For your weight loss, fitness focus and incredible accomplishments at the office.
    My goal for this weekend is to enjoy the race and beat my half time from Richmond marathon. The first half is still my second fastest half…I need that one to be off the leaderboard! 🙂

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