The Results are in: My 21 Day BeachBody Challenge

When Jillian, first reached out to me a little over a month ago about helping me get back on track using BeachBody products, I was skeptical. I eat healthy food, I’m just busy, and working out had moved out of my top priorities.

After thinking it over for a few days, I realized I had a bigger problem. I had gone from wishing I could lose a few pounds to being clinically overweight. I had been overthinking my diet, which was sneaking pounds on, in between weekends of complete binging. I was on an unsustainable cycle.

So I agreed to join her August Challenge Group, ordered a PiYo challenge pack, which included 30 individual packets of Tropical Strawberry and Chocolate Vegan Shakeology.

The Experience
The Challenge group was FABULOUS! Each day Jillian helped us stay on track by asking us to make a plan. Everyone was very supportive of each other with their goals, their struggles, and the discussion topics that came up. I’m excited to be part of another one of Jillian’s groups next month.

I love the PiYo workouts so much. They are intense without requiring any impact. I sweat and burned way more calories than I expected to with “yoga”. I tracked my calories using a heart rate monitor, and each time I did the 35 minute Sweat workout, I was burning the equivalent of running 3.5 miles. It is not what you typically think of with either yoga or pilates. It’s definitely more energetic, and fast paced than a typical class of either, and since you’re never just holding a pose, you’ll probably utter a few more cuss words than in yoga (or is that just me). I am excited to keep these workouts as a main part of my workout plan for another month, to see what a full 8 weeks with it can do to my body.

Shakeology was something I’d always kind of scoffed at. My theory was that you were replacing real food with something fake and that wasn’t of interest to me. But I gave it a chance. And I’m so glad that I did.

It took me a few tries to get a flavor combination that wasn’t as earthy as the base of Shakeology, and admittedly, this does not taste like your typical protein powder. It’s full of vitamins, minerals and superfoods that give you a boost. It also has a much higher fiber content than most protein powders. If your body isn’t used to high fiber, you may have some unhappy side effects. Due to some digestive issues, I’ve been on a super high fiber diet for years, so I had none of them, yay. My favorite combo: Vegan Chocolate Shakeology, 1 cup frozen cherries, 50 g spinach leaves, 1 cup almond coconut milk (unsweetened), 1 tsp of cinnamon and a dash of cayenne pepper. It tastes like a spicy chocolate milkshake. Beyond delicious.

My love of Shakeology is more than the ability to make a milkshake tasting treat. Within a week of drinking Shakeology each day, I noticed a huge difference in my cravings. Now that I’m 3 weeks into it, I can safely say I no longer crave sugar, or salt, or even crunchy things. I’m not tempted to pick up a bag of chips with lunch, or a vegan cookie on my way home from work. It’s not even really a feeling of being not tempted, I don’t even really think about it. If I don’t think about it, I don’t eat it, and that’s where life changes.

The Results

For me to share these before and after pictures, it had to be worth it. And it absolutely was! I’m so thrilled with my results, and am excited to continue to make progress moving forward.

Left side is me on 8/4, right side is me this morning, 8/25
I ended the three weeks down 2.5 pounds, and lost a total of 8.4 inches. The biggest impacts were in my waist, where I lost 1.5 inches, my chest, where I lost 1.5 inches, and my hips where I lost 2 inches. And this was all in 21 days!

Next Steps

Next up, I continue on this challenge with PiYo. I already purchased the Focus T25 Challenge Pack (an August special promotion saving you $90) to start to work into my rotation, as well.

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I have signed on as a new BeachBody Coach, which means if you’re interested in any of these programs, or others in the BeachBody lineup (think P90X, Insanity, Body Pump, etc) I can set you up with them. I’ll also be starting up my own challenge groups, but before that happens, Jillian is letting anyone who is interested in joining my team join her September challenge. If you’ve already got a program, order some Shakeology from me to add to your challenge, and I’ll get you into the Challenge Group, and get ready to make some changes to your life!

Have you ever done a challenge where you measured & took pics to see non-scale progress?
Have you ever down a BeachBody Challenge?
Are you interested in trying PiYo or Shakeology?

*Disclaimer: I am an Independent BeachBody Coach, so am compensated for any new sales, but all opinions and experiences are my own.*

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