Sunday Smoothie: Peaches & Green

I’ve turned over a new breakfast leaf, and switched up my usual oatmeal combos with smoothies. I’m now anxiously awaiting my new Vitamix, because my old blender was unhappy with the amount of frozen fruit being thrown into it everyday.

Peaches & Green Smoothie
Serves 1
Calories: 450 kCal
Carbs: 64g
Fat: 17g
Protein: 25g
Dietary Fiber: 11g

1 medium banana
30g spinach
1/2 nonfat plain Greek yogurt
1/2 cup unsweetened coconut milk
2 tbsp almond butter (unsalted)
1 1/4 cup frozen peaches
1/2 tsp cinnamon

1) Add all ingredients into blender, adding frozen peaches last

2) Blend until spinach is well mixed. And enjoy!

5 thoughts on “Sunday Smoothie: Peaches & Green

  1. You’re inspiring me to try smoothies someday. I have a very on again-off again relationship with smoothies and most mornings, I don’t want to spend the time making them before I head to the office. Have you ever tried making them ahead and freezing them?

    1. I haven’t made ahead before, but, I’ve actually been thinking about making bags of proportioned fruit to freeze, so all I have to do is add the spinach, milk, etc. I’ve been trying to make sure I weigh everything out, so it’s making it take a big longer than it should.

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