Learning to Love to Run – My Guest Post for Wailani’s

My friend Lisa started her own business earlier this year. Wailani’s brings the smells from Hawaii to give you amazingly soft skin through natural oils, scents and salt. I’ve been using the Pumpkin Scrub for a little over a month and I love how my skin feels.

Lisa dedicated her business blog to guests each week in December, as Discover December. Each blogger provided insights to something they do, and love, that is healthy. Mine was about learning to love to run. Go check out my post over there, and the other Discover December posts (hint, if you’re looking for a tri-coach, you want to read week 2!)

With all of the stress that comes with the holidays, I want you to experience her awesome scrubs. It’s like a mini Hawaiian vacation in your shower! Who couldn’t use that? Enter my giveaway and you can escape to Hawaii in your bathroom too!

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28 thoughts on “Learning to Love to Run – My Guest Post for Wailani’s

  1. Ianthia

    I would love to have a mini vacation because I just had my little girl in October and have a 5 year old so this would be my escape.

  2. Vicki Cooley

    I need a mini vacation, especially to Hawaii because I babysit for my grandkids everyday! I love them dearly but, I know here comes the but, it would be heaven to have a little break. Don’t tell my kids, my grandkids parents!

  3. Cher Garman

    Hawaii is my favorite place in the entire universe! I feel so at home there, and would be overwhelmingly grateful to have a mini (or any) Hawaiian vacation. It renews the spirit!

  4. Tia Dingwell

    I need a mini vacation because I have a milestone birthday coming up Jan 10th and I am not ready for it! I have four grown children. I would just love to feel the tropical breezes and smell the scents of Hawaii. It is good to stay young at heart.

  5. angelia medlin

    I really need a mini Hawaiian vacation because I am a mother, a wife and I work full time. I am a busy bee and usually dont have much time for me!

  6. Megan B

    Who doesn’t need a mini Hawaiian vacation?!?! In all seriousness, this dry CT winter air dries out my skin horribly. I find body scrubs really help to keep my skin more moist!

    1. Megan you’re so right! When I use the scrub, I don’t need my normal lotion because the coconut oil is so hydrating, without being oily. I love it. Trying to decide what scent I want next!

  7. jenereesa

    Awesome guest post – I “loved” it over there! 🙂 I could totally use a vacay right about now – been busy busy busy. All good stuff, of course, but I’m looking forward to a little retreat, even if it’s just in the shower.

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