So you want to go running in the snow… What I Wore Wednesday

I had lots of questions about my outfit and various tools that kept me warm and dry although I ran for almost 3 hours in the snow on Sunday. Thankfully, I’d planned well, so while I became miserable, it wasn’t because my gear didn’t stand up to the challenge. While there are probably dozens of other options that would have worked nicely, this combo worked for me, and would probably work for you, too!


I had so little idea what was about to happen, but had planned well, so the smile was deserved.

The goal was to keep my ears warm and happy, while keeping as much snow out of my face as possible, so I doubled up. This was one of my best ideas. Other runners out looked miserable as they were constantly wiping snow from their faces.

Nike Dri-Fit Women’s Tennis Hat in Pink. I bought this hat 5 years ago at a big box store to train for my first half marathon. It’s held up well!
Smartwool Headband in reversible Deep Sea Heather. I got this at Lucy Activewear when I bought my “congrats on the new PR” running outfit in early November.

I stayed warm and dry the entire time, which is a a miracle. For a while I was on the slightly too warm side, but after a few hours, I was perfectly dressed. The multi-layer combo was perfect: a nice base layer, a warm layer, and a wind/water layer.

Brooks Nightlife LSD Lite Jacket III – This is a super light, hooded and vented running jacket. I’m in love with it. You can layer nicely, and it keeps you shielded from wind and snow. I’m hoping it holds up as well to rain, if needed. The hood was a nice addition to keeping my head happy, too. I bought this at Philadelphia Runner, my local running store, and as soon as I picked it up, one of their associates quickly came up to tell me it was his favorite jacket. I have since thanked him!

Jog for Joy Half Zip in Sleet Grey Heather from Lucy Activewear. This is a great mid-weight half zip. It’s super soft on the inside, has a side pocket that’s perfect for gels or other fuel, and it has reflective accents.

Students Run Philly Style tech tee from Philly Runner in teal. Last fall, Philly Runner sold these amazing soft New Balance tech tees to raise money for SRPS. While I haven’t run with this group, my company is a big supporter of the program, and even sends a group to the Disney Marathon Weekend every year.

Bottom & Feet
I have a ton of running tights, but none of them are super warm, so I pulled out a pair of my favorite winter pants.

The Runabout Pant from Athleta. They are brushed on the inside, and a thicker knit than any of their tights. I love these pants, and am happy to read they added a back pocket to them now.

Smartwool Compression Socks. The pair I wore aren’t made anymore and are much thicker, but I have their lighter, newer version too. I am not lying when I tell you, my feet were never cold, or even felt wet, although these socks were dripping wet. Do not attempt to run in snow without smartwool. You will be sorry (you will have blisters for days).

Brooks Ravenna 4’s. These are not waterproof, nor do they have the right treads for deep snow, but they worked quite well. I need a pair of Yak Traks now.


RockMyRun got me through with 3 awesome mixes. I’m not sure I’ll ever make my own mix again.

Purple Yurbuds. I love these headphones. They’re comfy, they stay in, and they provide great sound while allowing you to hear what’s going on around you. If you run alone with music, this characteristic makes them much safer than most no-slip headphones.

Camelbak Magic. It’s a 70 oz pack, with lots of pocket space for keys, gels, gloves, almost anything. I fill mine with old school Gatorade powder because it’s what is served on race routes and is good practice.

Garmin Forerunner 610. I love my Garmin. That’s all that’s necessary to say.

Road ID. I bought this a few months ago after a colleague had a scary accident while running and it made me think: what would happen if it had been me? So I ordered one that day. If you don’t have one, they’re available for less than $20. Your life is worth it.

I’m still in awe of the whole experience, and hope my experience inspired you to dig deeper, run harder, or push yourself in some way.

What gear has gotten you through a tough run or workout?
What won’t you leave home without for a run?
Have you tried any of my gear above?

Disclaimer: I was not compensated or provided any of the items above. I love them, I wore them, and wanted to share them with you.

18 thoughts on “So you want to go running in the snow… What I Wore Wednesday

  1. kristenk

    I love this list! I’m too much of a wimp to run in the snow because I don’t want to fall or freeze to death. I definitely need some Smartwool socks!

  2. I love Yurbuds! I hardly ever run with music, but if I ever run on the treadmill than those are a must. For me, what has gotten me through many tough runs/workouts is skimping down to my sports bra and shorts, which I have to do many times when it’s sometimes 90 degrees at 5 am in the summer. I kinda want to run in the snow just once…just to say I’ve tried it haha but probably not in the conditions you faced..awesome job!

  3. Great layering! I never go out alone without my Road ID. For winter running, I love my thin, cheap long underwear by Cuddle Duds (Target, Walmart, etc). Also, my Bondi Band ponytail hat because it’s thin but keeps my ears warm enough for most winter runs; though if I were running in fast snow, I’d add a baseball cap on top for the visor.

  4. Amy Clemens

    Thanks for sharing. We are having an usually cold And wet December in the south. I’m having to learn how to dress for below freezing temps. Definitely need to try wool socks!

  5. Jennifer

    What did you wear for gloves/mittens? I have a constant struggle of my hands overheating in mittens and not staying warm enough in gloves during winter runs!

    1. I totally forgot! I doubled up. Wore a think pair of tech gloves from Lululemon and wore a pair of big fleece mittens over them. I’m still searching for the right pair of windproof gloves.

  6. BethC

    Thanks for the rundown! That jacket is going on my Christmas list. I have seen it on lots of other runner friends since I noticed yours. 🙂

    On the sock front, I sometimes wear Smartwool ski socks if I need something really warm. I have been disappointed with Smartwool quality lately, though – especially their lightweight ankle socks, so I have switched to Darn Toughs. They hold up better, never annoy me and are blister-free even in wet conditions!

    Are the Yurbuds waterproof-ish? Also, do you use your phone for music? Sometimes worry about my battery on longer runs.

    Finally – props for wearing your RoadID. 😀

    1. I will have to give the Darn Toughs a try! I’m also hoping to find some locally made ones when I’m in Maine for Christmas to try out.

      The Yurbuds are waterproof! I love them. I’ve always had issues finding headphones that fit my ears, but these are awesome.

      I do use my phone, but for some reason, RockMyRun uses less battery than just playing from iTunes, which is nice.

      I hope Santa brings you the jacket 🙂

  7. Thanks for sharing! I’m running a 5K on Saturday and at this point it looks like it might be snowing (or sleeting?) during the race. I like your doubled-up hat/ear warmer tip – might come in handy!

  8. ari @ whatarisaid

    Great planning, I’ll have to keep this in mind if I ever get to run in the snow (would never happen here lol)! And glad you were able to stay warm and your feet dry and safe from blisters! Would those socks be good for rain also, or too warm?

  9. You were perfectly prepared for the weather! Looks like snow is headed our way again on Saturday so hopefully by Sunday the sun will be out. If not, I’ll be making a shopping trip to pick up some of these items. I am going to pick up the socks this week…I like to keep my toes warm 🙂

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