We’re going Streaking, again. Only this time, it will be much colder!

My experience with the Runner’s World Summer Run Streak was awesome. My low miles got much faster, I felt stronger overall, and it kept me focused on a tangible goal. What’s a mile a day? Right?!

When they announced their Holiday Run Streak, I immediately wanted in again. This probably sounds crazy since I live in a place where it gets cold, I just wrote a post about how crazy my life has been, and I’m less than a month and half from my first marathon.

But here’s the thing:

So Streaking I shall go, and happy I shall be!

Since the Summer Run Streak brought my sole sister, running partner, and friend Karen and I together, we decided to partner up to do a joint ChallengeLoop to add a little extra motivation:


So, if you were planning to Streak anyway, why not join us?! And if you weren’t planning to, maybe you should. You just need to run or walk at least 1 mile per day between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day; just a few little minutes each day, and some calories burned to keep you on track over the holidays.

And while you’re at it, send me some Sweaty Selifes, and you could also win a #SweatySelfie tank from Katie at Mom’s Little Running Buddies.

Are you Streaking with us?
Have you entered my #SweatySelfie giveaway yet?
Do you have a running buddy (4 legged buddies count)?

35 thoughts on “We’re going Streaking, again. Only this time, it will be much colder!

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  2. kristenk

    As I said on twitter, I’m definitely in! I just blogged about doing this streak today and now that I found this challenge I’m soooo excited to get started! Thanks for hosting! I can’t wait to get to know everyone and help each other through this challenge!

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  4. Mark Varner

    I’m in & it will be an all outdoor streak since I don’t have a treadmill. Luckily if it is too icy or to cold, I can double up on other days

  5. I’m coming streaking! Juno pup may come too… though when it’s cold she’ll decide staying inside in bed with Daddy is a better idea than going out running with her mama, ha. (Smart dog.)

      1. I went a little crazy with the streaking so I’ve actually done over 630 miles at this point. It started out as a 100 mile challenge but then I realized I actually enjoyed running so I kept going!

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